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Weight Loss

Here at Vital Health Integrative Medicine, we want you to live a long and happy life!


Dr. Joseph Feste was one of the 7 founders of The Woman's' Hospital of Texas in Houston.  He was an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of OB/GYN at the Baylor College of Medicine and has practiced Hormone Therapy for 53 years.  In the past 12 years, he has been in the forefront of the use of Bioidentical Hormones, Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.


Are you suffering from fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog, memory issues, difficulty managing your weight,  sleeplessness? 

These are just a few symptoms which may be related to an issue with your hormone levels.  Dr. Feste can review individualized lab results and determine a course of action to better your Hormonal Balance.  Using natural, plant based, bio-identical hormones, you can start your journey towards better overall health today!

Here at Vital Health Integrative Medicine, Dr. Feste treats a wide array of hormone related health concerns.  From overall women and men's health to slowing the aging process and helping you acheive nutritional health and weight loss goals.  



Bioidentical hormones

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