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Men's Health

Mens Health

Guys, do you think you are having problems with Low T?  Do you suffer from decreased muscle mass, lack of ambition or motivation, differences in ability to complete simple tasks, low libido, or ED?


Dr. Feste has been treating men and women for over 20 years with problems related to low testosterone. 


Some men may feel they’ve had a decrease in overall strength or their body fat has increased.  Many men notice that their sexual vigor has changed.  


Dr. Feste is here for you! If you’re noticing any of the above mentioned symptoms,  Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT can help.  . Also, BHRT is known to lower your risk for prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer's as well as sarcopenia. 


Dr. Feste will explain, based on individual lab results, how Testosterone can help. Your test results, for example,  not only show free testosterone levels, but also estradiol, homocysteine, HbA1c, insulin, thyroid, insulin, blood markers, cholesterol, PSA, liver function, and more. We also check for heart risks, as well as brain and intestinal health. 


Healthy eating and good exercise are some of the foundations of our men's health program as well as monitoring,and follow-up.  


If you aren’t feeling your young self, get help, why wait?


Don’t be one of the 65% of men who are forced by their health or injury to seek medical assistance.  Don’t be afraid to feel the benefits of preventative medicine. 

Routine blood tests can help divulge causes of depression, anxiety, memory loss, low energy, infections, and more.  Dr. Feste will devise a plan to help increase your chances of resolving current problems and preventing future ones.


Come see us!

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