IV Boosts

IV Therapy

Can IV Therapy help with brain fog, energy, immune health, and cardiovascular health?  


Yes, IV Therapy provides a healthy mix of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and many other ingredients meant to provide maximum nutrition levels.


When is the best time to choose IV Therapy? Below are a few reasons: 


  • getting ready to travel

  • not feeling energetic 

  • feeling like your immune system is weak

  • feeling dehydrated

  • need to perform at a higher level

  • need help with athletic performance 

  • want to slow the aging process

  • want healthier skin and hair














Immune Ultra Boost

This IV drip contains 14 ingredients proven to help with brain function, cancer, and viruses.  This healthy combination enhances liver function and can help your body break down prescription medication along with many other benefits.  

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Receive all of these benefits for $375.00

Immune Boost Push

Your immune system helps you naturally fight bacteria, viruses, and other infections.  To enhance your natural defenses, this IV Drip combines glutathione, Vitamin D3, and methylated B12.  

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Receive all of these benefits for $150.00

Longevity NAD plus

If you want to enhance your mood, feel stronger, have more energy, have better memory, strengthen your heart or mind or look and feel younger, the Fountain of Youth Boost is for you.  NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) occurs naturally in our bodies.  As we get older, we have increased exposure to toxins. Increased levels of NAD plus in our bodies can help deal with these toxins and decrease the chances of conditions related to our age.

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 Receive all of these benefits starting at $150.00

Pricing increases per dosage.

Re-Plenish IV Infusion

Our elevated version of a Myer's Cocktail contains high quality vitamins and minerals to support your bodies day to day functioning.  Re-Plenish  contains Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium Chloride and a Vitamin B-Complex.  We also offer a Glutathione add on to our Re-Plenish Plus at an additional cost.


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Receive all of these benefits starting at $150.00.  

Plaquex IV Infusion

This natural European Treatment helps reverse arterial plaque buildup (atherosclerosis).  Plaquex is also known to lower LDL and VLDL while increasing HDL levels.  Other benefits include improved liver function and kidney function as well as a long list of other positives.  



Receive all of these benefits starting at $200.00 per infusion.  

Super Vitamin C Infusion

 Vitamin C is an essential component of your health and wellness that your body can’t produce on its own. Foods like oranges, lemons, and red bell peppers are rich in Vitamin C and should be a part of your diet, but only a small percentage of consumed Vitamin C can actually be used by our bodies. The best solution and to maximize all of the amazing benefits Vitamin C has to offer is through our Super Vitamin C IV Infusion.


Receive all of these benefits starting at $150.00 per infusion.